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Step-by-step Guide To Host A Galentine's Day Party!

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Share conversations, laughter & create memories with your girlfriends.

Decide the Theme

First and foremost, you will have to decide what theme to go for. I know it is overwhelming when you have to choose one from the many ideas.  Refer to this post for tips.

Think about the decor. 

Keep the decor simple.  Use things easily found at home. It could be flowers, candles or festive lights.

Read more here!

Keep easy finger food

Have easy to eat food. Appetizers, dips , pick me up food are preferable. Get super easy recipes on the blog.

Create a Fun Photo Booth

This super easy photo backdrop is easy to put up without spending much.

Keep them entertained!

Don't forget to chalk out  activities and games. I have listed some classic and innovative games.

Thoughtful Favors

Get something dainty.  It need not be very expensive.  Refer to the list of gift ideas given in the post.

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Get all the details in this post on CarveYourCraving.com

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